the deed is done smoking gun shot me in the back now
you pulled the plug like a smug little piece of work now
but you really really ought to open your eyes now
my love is true shooting straight like a bow and arrow

i got to get down on one knee for you quick
before the bomb in your head explodes
you'd be the one to slam the door in my face
just like a shotgun overload

you missed my love like the last train leavin'
                      (hey you jumped the gun)
now we're rolling off the rails and you're callin' it even
                      (hey you jumped the gun)
four hours' sleep scrub your brain like a carwash
                      (hey you jumped the gun)
load up your gun you dip the bullets in the hot sauce
                      (hey you jumped the gun)

you're such a straight line you got such an itchy trigger
i never know when you'll blow you're so hard to figure
but you're very hot and bothered when i sing a love song
you hum the tune but as usual you got the words wrong
you say i got to make up my mind
when you can't even make up your bed
got your clock tick-tocking kick the starting block
six chambers spinning 'round in your head

you always think you know exactly what i'm thinking
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
just like you're jane wilkes booth i'm abrahambone lincoln
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
you're always listening to your talk-show watching girlfriends
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
mother superior you ain't and yet you still go jumpin'
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
would you please put that gun away
i've had a most peculiar day
and i've got no time for fussing or fighting
put your piece back on the shelf
you're always thinking of yourself
when you're not shooting you're just making me wait
and i wait...

here comes the ax and it's right on time
you're such a killer when you take control
shoot out the lights like calamity jane
you're a pycho out for a stroll

you always said i was a temporary setback
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
now you and jojo and loretta better get back
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
you think you know me but you never even saw me
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
how quick to end it can a one-woman army?
                        (hey you jumped the gun)
This one came to me in two days. True to life. Lots of Beatles' references -- some pre-meditated, some not. I'm partial to the Leslie-speaker vocal in the bridge.Thanks to Dave Vergauwen and Chris Sellman for playing on the demo version, and to Dave for engineering.