now this is the story of a skinny girl
all the boys in the town know her name
and though she's just a slip of a mini-girl
all the boys want her just the same
well i blew into town on a saturday
saw her standing in the shade by the jail
when she smiled at me i had a sneaking suspicion
they gonna roll me outta town on a rail

come on along with me chicken-legged woman
whatcha got goin' for me chicken-legged girl? (2X)

now a little later on in the witching hour
i'm drinking whiskey with a gypsy by the bar
and then she's up in my grill like a barbeque baby
movin' fast like a getaway car
chicken-leg, you make me sweat
the way you shimmy in your pretty blue dress
shakin' like a pony with the barn door open baby
perfume roses with your hair in barettes

come on along...

now everybody ought to have a chicken-leg
a skinny little minnie of their own
well you turn her sideways and she disappear
but she sure give the dog a bone
now chicken and me we are the lucky ones
justa livin' our lives on the wild
one day soon we're gonna settle down
and raise us a chicken-legged child

i'm in love with you chicken-legged woman
i'm in love with you chicken-legged girl (2X)
'That girl is like the road from Ft. Worth to Dallas- no curves.' Zydeco meets Motown, thanks to the Shut Yer Piehole Horns.