BIG WIG (Hair Hoppin' Baby)
well my baby she's a bad girl, she never do what her daddy says
she wears her skirt hiked up and her blouse cut down
and ooh-poppa doo what she do with the hair on her head
stacked up like the eiffel tower  she pile it sky high like katmandu
she's only five-foot-five but man alive
with her beehive she's six-feet-two

she got the big wig, big wig baby
 hair piled up to the sky
big wig, hair-hoppin' baby
whip cream, cotton candy and strawberry pie

well the boss man's a hot potato, the biggest wig to the north or south
he got a big house, big car, big wad of bills, a big cigar for his big fat mouth
but at last year's christmas party, we had the pleasure to meet his wife
lord she was six-foot and lean, big-leg and mean 
you never seen a bigger chandelier in all your life

cuz she's a big wig...

now won't you tell me baby how'd you get your hair so high?
stratospherical and out of sight
i'll hold the spray can steady, go on and get yourself ready
cuz i'm gonna take you out tonight
and then we bounce baby bounce when the wig's in the house everybody's goin' navajo she's my hot hairistotle with her hand on the throttle and we're stepping to the midnight show
cause she's a big wig...
'Trevor and I went to see the Louis Prima documentary 'The Wildest' in DC, and we homaged the Prima style in this swing number. Trevor's been listening to Sam Butera Props to John Waters for showcasing Baltimore as the hair capital of the U.S.- Jersey's got nothin' on us!